Hi All –

Those of you that happen to read this ( I don’t think there’s much of you lol) – I’m just letting you know this blog is now obselete. I’m going to be using my personal fashion blog for future updates, as I’m so wrapped up in creating in SL that I don’t have the time to maintain 2 blogs!

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Much love xoxo – Nikki



New! “My Summer Dress”

Look who’s making mesh! The first mesh release from Demise of Flight is here with these cute dresses. I know the northern hemisphere is hitting the cooler months but here in Australia it’s heating up, so what better time for a floaty lil’ summer dress. Available instore now – and will soon be uploaded to marketplace. BY THE WAY – go to my store, and hit the subscriber – why? Because the people that did received the black version as a gift – see! Presents!

Boho Fair Exclusive!

The Boho Culture Fair kicks off October 15th, and i’m participating which i’m pretty pumped about – my first event!

Each designer is producing an exclusive item just for the event, and here’s mine! This version of the pose stool includes three new and exclusive poses to this prop, and is colour change with 12 options, menu driven. Once seated you just click the stool to change poses, and the shadow to select a new colour – too easy! As with all my props simple chat commands bring up a menu to adjust your position and rotation to make sure it’s a perfect fit for your avi. As soon as I know what the LM will be for the Boho Culture Fair i’ll be sure to let ya’ll know – happy shopping!

XOXO Nikki

Styling credits :

Hair by Truth, shirt by League, Jeans by Entente, Feet by Slink, Bracelets by Glow Studio.

My Pose Stool

This cute still is menu driven, with 12 colour options and 6 inbuilt poses. Now available instore or on Marketplace.

XOXO Nikki

Styling credits :

Hair by Exile, Singlet by Suicidal Unborn, Jacket from Fri.Day, Jeans by OneBadPixel, Heels by N-Core


So here’s the first pose I made for friends, and being a fashion blogger myself I always find it irritating trying to find poses which show and flatter the outfits of both the avatars – this one works!

XOXO Nikki

Mine All Mine

A new couples pose from Demise of Flight – this is a simple but cute couples stand available inworld and soon to be available on Marketplace – Yes I FINALLY got around to updating it! Hold tight for newness coming soon!

XOXO Nikki

Styling credits :

Her hair by Truth, dress by PaperDoll, Shoes by N-core.
His hair by Exile, Jeans by Entente, Shirt by NotSoBad and shoes from 2real.